Free Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi will soon fully blanket the world and  it will be free! Currently almost 75% of smartphone users report that they connect via Wi-Fi rather than the cellular network.  In New York the old pay phones are being converted into free hotspots. Google fiber and Elon Musks free Wi-Fi satellite project will guarantee connectivity whereever you are on the planet.

Right now there are  50 million public Wi-Fi hotspots worldwide which equates to 1 free Wi-Fi hotspot for every 150 people. However, by the end of next year it is anticipated that there will be 350 million Wi-Fi hotspots - one for every 20 people on Earth.  With the exponential growth in Wi-Fi and the fact consumers show a strong preference for it Wi-Fi is emerging as a global roamable network. Currently France heads the leader board with 13 million hotspots followed by the USA with 9.8 million and the UK with 5.6 million. However, the US which is expanding community hotspots and pioneering Wi-Fi across public transport ( the USA currently has almost 3000 Wi-Fi equipped aircraft) is expected to take the number one spot by the end of 2016. The massive consumer shift from cellular communications to dependency upon Wi-Fi will act as a huge boost for the Internet radio industry.

We know there are now more mobile devices on the planet than people. These devices all require connectivity and now we know this is about to be achieved on a world wide scale. Within two years whereever you are on the planet you will be able to enjoy our radio stations.



By the end  of next year free Wi-Fi will blanket the world



Within 18 months billions of people will be able to access Internet radio wherever they are on the planet



Free Radio + Free WiFi =