Why Commercial Free?

In this new media age,where the consumer exercises so much control and influence, most commercials simply don't work. In many cases, particularly on radio and TV, they are actually an absolute "turn off".

Ever since the advent of commercial radio the Ad breaks themselves have proved to be a major problem for both broadcasters and listeners. There is an old saying in the industry-“ your radio station is only as good as the worst Ad”, meaning that you can have the finest music the very best presenters but if the ad breaks irritate the consumer you’re listening figures go out the window.

From an advertisers perspective the same problem exists. You are only as good, and therefore effective, as the worst Ads around you in the break.You may have spent a fortune on the creative treatment, the production, the celebrity voice-over and the distinctive music but if you are preceded or followed by a low-budget poorly constructed Ad  you have wasted your money.

This situation is now exacerbated by the fact that modern technology has put the consumer in the driving seat. Listeners and viewers simply won’t tolerate content that is either poorly presented or totally irrelevant to their lifestyle.

The result is that TV viewers time-shift to avoid the commercials. Increasingly radio listeners mute the volume to avoid ads. In a new development Internet ad blockers are wrecking the online commercial model. The reality is commercials  are no longer working for advertisers, certainly not at a level to justify the exorbitant sums of money still charged by commercial radio and television companies.


The answer actually lies within current consumer behaviour.

The original mobile phones launched in the mid-80s were just that- phones. Nobody imagined you would be sending text messages let alone taking photographs and video on your phone but it was this development that turned every consumer into a broadcaster.

These days personally produced pictures and video, some of it remarkably good, is regularly being uploaded to the Internet. The only surprising thing about this development in human communications is that businesses have been so slow to adjust and adopt.

In the words of  a leading business analyst-“ no business can tolerate, or indeed survive, a situation where the consumer is more influential than they are- businesses of every size have got to wake up and catch up."

The imperative is therefore for businesses to become broadcasters but what are they going to broadcast? Surely not more traditional commercials because we know they no longer work?

The answer is businesses must tell stories.

For a business communicating their own story is the most exciting business idea in years. Furthermore every business possesses more interesting and potentially valuable stories than they realise.

Meaningful stories stick with people long after commercial statements and advertising claims.

Once a business becomes a Member of one of our genre radio stations, or creates its own Positivity radio station,  we can  together personalise its stories in a way that’s impossible with traditional commercials.

Interesting stories, communicated effectively make us all reflect, react and engage. Stories make us stop and think.

So, we don't have commercials on our radio stations because Ads are a major negative influence and the industry knows they don’t work.

We present business content, stories, in an engaging and attractive way and that's a massive positive.

What’s Content?

Every business has valuable content, which they either don’t appreciate, or they don't know how to unlock its value.

This is particularly true of businesses, which simply farm out their messaging to marketing or ad agencies. They are missing a really important trick.

Our experienced media producers identify the content within the business and work with the client to tell their story on the radio station to a local national and worldwide audience.

We help businesses explain their culture, their vision and their brand values but we do it in a way that's interesting and attractive to the listener.

We give businesses and brands-a voice.


In the  historic commercial model businesses have very limited control of their messaging and therefore their brand values and reputation.

For example the business that spends tens of thousands of pounds on radio advertising cannot influence what is known as their 'commercial neighbourhood'- the other businesses sharing their ad break.

The financial rate they pay for the breaks is of course based upon listening figures but the advertiser has no control over whether these go up or down.Once the business commits the money for the commercial break they have to sit back and hope they get the results they’ve been promised.

Furthermore getting your commercial onto the radio takes forever!  By the time a script has been created, various production processes completed and authorisation given by the relevant regulatory authorities weeks have elapsed since the business first decided “ Let’s advertise on the radio." By anybody’s standards this has to be a highly unsatisfactory state of affairs.

In an ideal world the business would:

  • * Be promoted in a positive environment.
  • * Stand alone in the ears of the consumer.
  • * Have total control of their message without regulatory interference.
  • AND get their message “out there” not in months, weeks, days or even hours in MINUTES!



Commercials are now ‘turning off’ consumers.



The major problem with radio advertising for most businesses is that no matter how good your ad, it's only as good as the worst ads around you.

Media Analyst



Time shifting, radio muting and Ad blockers have neutered the effectiveness of major Ad campaigns



Businesses of every size have fascinating stories, which can’t possibly be communicated in a conventional advertising campaign using the traditional media platforms.



Well told, meaningful business stories stick with people long after commercial statements and advertising claims.



Every business has valuable content which they are failing to appreciate or they simply don’t know how to unlock its value.  We empower businesses to take control of their messaging.



We can have stories in front of our listeners in a matter of minutes and our business members enjoy a freedom of expression far removed from regulatory interference.



Meaningful stories, communicated by experienced media professionals, are far more effective than commercial statements advertising claim