prw-logo-no-left-borderWhat’s Internet Radio?

The terminology is potentially misleading. After all we say ‘ i'm going to watch the telly tonight’ but actually we’re looking at a multimedia screen. TV is video streaming and so Radio is really- audio streaming.

The confusion is not helped by Pandora and Spotify referring to their playlist services as Radio when they’re really sophisticated Juke Boxes. However, if the term Radio is good enough for Apple it's good enough for us.

How Do I Get Internet Radio?

Accessing high-quality Internet Radio is a lot easier than finding DAB or FM. All you need is an Internet connection and “connectivity” is swiftly enveloping the planet.

Just a few years ago free Wi-Fi hotspots were a rarity. Today there are almost 47 million free Wi-Fi hotspots in the world- one for every 153 people. By the end of 2017 there’ll be an incredible 350 million free Wi-Fi hotspots-one for every 20 people on the planet.

So, with the huge expansion of Wi-Fi you can easily select Internet Radio stations on all your personal devices- mobile, tablet, laptop, desktop, TV and Internet Radio-almost anywhere on the planet. The Motor Industry confirms that very soon every new car will have an Internet capability and public transport from trains to planes is being WiFi enabled.

Internet Radio, as distinct from traditional broadcasting, liberates all of us to hear what we want -where we want -when we want.

Finding our family of Positivity Radio stations is simple - we have a free app-posiradio - and all are listed on the popular Tunein app. You can of course listen to our growing family of genre specific stations right here


TV & Radio no longer exist-they’ve been replaced by video and audio streaming.


Pandora is not Radio.


Streaming music playlists is not Radio. Sophisticated computer algorithyms do not reflect the human desire for fresh inspiration, to be surprised, learn something new and hear a human voice - That’s Radio!


Very soon there will be 350 million free Wi-Fi hotspots across the planet-one for every 20 people.


Millions of us cannot live without our smart phones and tablets and so Internet Radio will become an integral part of our lifestyle.