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There are now more personal devices on the planet than people. In the USA 160 million people, that’s half the population, regularly listen to Internet radio. In the UK 25% of radio listening occurs on mobile devices. Internet radio is growing 20% year on year. Welcome to the new radio revolution.

POSITIVITYRADIO.WORLD is pioneering Genre-casting as distinct from traditional broad-casting with its outdated attitude of “ spray and pray”. Genre-casting gives the listener what they want, where and when they want it. With most traditional radio stations analysts reckon at any given time only 20%  of the content is actually relevant to the listener but with Genre-casting the impact and influence, the EVI (Ear Value Index) is 100%. That’s why we already have tens of thousands of enthusiastic listeners in over 80 countries worldwide.

We have built this audience in just a matter of months without any hype, any publicity stunts or indeed any conventional PR, marketing or advertising. We know we have a winning proposition which is being spread by that most honest method of communication- “ word of mouth”.

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The World Is Listening To Radio In A Different Way


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