Traditional Advertising Is Crazy!

The advertising industry is worth billions of dollars worldwide and  it’s been around for over a century but it’s always been deeply flawed. As the great industrialist and entrepreneur Henry Ford said: “ half my advertising is a waste- I just don’t know which half.”

Think about it:
In traditional advertising a business, (advised by an agency who take a handsome percentage of the budget), hands over their brand and certainly their reputation, to a third party who owns a newspaper, magazine, TV or radio station. Oh, and they also hand over a fat cheque.

They do this in the "hope" this third party will do a good job of generating increased business.

The more you think about it-what a totally crazy scenario!

You've built your business up, possibly mortgaged your home in the early days, and quite rightly you’re hugely proud of your business. You feel very protective of what you've achieved and then you hand its future well-being to a bunch of total strangers, who happen to own a media platform. Do you actually think they care, as much as you do, about your business and your success?

"Business people, many of them very astute characters,with huge determination and vision have been forced to play the crazy advertising game because until recently they simply had no alternative. However,with the digital revolution they are finally liberated."

The term consumer was originally created to describe people who bought things but in the digital age it means something entirely different. Consumers are people who absorb messages, retain the information and act upon it.

Consumers can no longer be described as simply- listeners or viewers.

In this new communications era it is absolutely ridiculous to gauge advertising or marketing performance on the number of people who ‘ 'listened' or ‘ viewed'. Instead businesses must focus upon people who don’t  just listen but actually HEAR- people who don’t just view but actually SEE.

Or to put it another way in this multitasking consumer environment the barometers of success are now hearing figures and seeing figures-"consumer engagement’ must be the primary objective. The only way to achieve effective engagement is by ensuring you promote your business in an environment in which the consumer is comfortable,open to engagement and ready to interact.

Where is this ideal environment?

Certainly not in conventional broad-casting and traditional advertising with their principle of  random "spray and pray” in the hope that some of the messaging, your business messaging, is heard or seen by the consumer.

The ideal environment is created by Genre casting.

Its a place  inhabited by consumers who are relaxed and comfortable because it’s their decision to be in that space. Consequently these consumers are highly receptive to informational messaging as distinct from traditional advertising which is increasingly an irrelevance and a major irritant. Is genre casting to a worldwide audience receptive to our culture of being news free, commercial free and free to listen. We are building consumer appreciation and loyalty because we give our audience exactly what they want rather than anything imposed upon them by advertisers or regulatory authorities.

We recruit Business Members not advertisers. We offer exclusivity so our Members become totally involved in the radio station,engaged with its listeners and of course the other Members. Our Business Members contribute content, which our experienced media professionals produce to a very high standard. We expect our Members to play the radio station on their own website and we encourage them to join up their social media to our social media and the social media of the other Members. This interaction becomes vibrant and self-energising. Business Members remain in control of their messaging at all times and most significantly they’re not risking their brand values and reputation as they do with crazy trad ads.




“Half my advertising is a waste-I just don’t know which half”   HENRY FORD




You sweat and slave to create a successful business and then you hand its reputation and well-being to strangers who happen to own a newspaper, radio station or TV channel-crazy!




Why are Ad agencies and their clients so obsessed by listening and viewing figures which give no indication of how much of their messaging was actually absorbed,retained and acted upon by the consumer? Listening isn’t HEARING-Viewing isn’t SEEING.




Yes, impact and influence are important but consumer engagement must be the objective and thats what Genre-casting delivers.




In this new digital era traditional advertising has finally been exposed for what its always been- commercially crazy!




No wonder its called Madvertising.