There Has To Be A Negative?

Of course, there is one BIG negative-SHEEPLE !

We know there are billions of personal devices on the planet. We know these have empowered us all to change the way we live.

For example, the average person listens to no more than 3 radio stations in a day. However, in this new media age of Genre-casting that is dramatically changing.

Just as you visit numerous websites in a day, you will soon access radio stations according to your interests. You may only listen for a short time or according to your interests you may listen all day but whichever way, you will listen to radio in a different way. That's why we are developing so many genre stations. We are empowering  you to create-the radio soundtrack to your lifestyle and we are liberating organisations of every size to engage with you in a different way.

From a business perspective this is one of the most exciting business tools of all time.

In the 19th century the first business tool arrived-the telephone! We waited nearly 100 years for the next big development the fax-remember the fax? Remember that paper you had to cut yourself and then it faded within just a few weeks?

We waited a little bit longer and then came the big communications rush -websites, mobiles, emails, texts and social media.

Now we are providing the ultimate business tool- the ability to Genre-cast.

Businesses of any size can communicate with a worldwide audience either by becoming a member of one of our specific genre stations or they can have their own radio station. It's affordable, it's liberating and it produces results.

So back to the question- Where's the negative?

Our offering is new, it's different and a lot of business people, or Sheeple as some people call them, don't like change and they aren't very adventurous:


  • These are the managers who resisted giving salespeople mobiles because they thought they would use them for personal calls.
  • These are the people who were only dragged into having a website because the bloke down the road had just got one.
  • These are the businesses that are struggling to keep up in today's rapidly changing market place but are too frightened to embrace change.
  • And that is a negative scenario we are happy to by-pass.


Instead we are building relationships with those business people who have vision, determination and an appetite for positive endeavour.


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Radio listening habits are changing. Currently most people listen to just two or three radio stations in a single day. However, in this new era of Internet Radio, consumers will listen to dozens of stations as part of their radio lifestyle.





The average Internet user visits at least 10 different sites in a 24-hour period. Very soon this will become the pattern of Genre radio listening.