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Grant Harrold is a former member of The Royal Household and butler to Their Royal Highnesses The Prince of Wales, The Duchess of Cornwall, Prince William and Prince Harry. Grant is also an enthusiastic and respected ambassador for not only British Royalty but also the Royal families of the world. Grant currently conducts highly popular Royal etiquette classes, is PA to a select group of high profile clients, advises the media on Royal protocol and runs a unique Royal butler school for UK and worldwide clients.

“I have an enormous admiration and respect for our Royal family and it was a very great honour to be of service to them for so many years. I believe my successful career as a Royal butler owes much to my extremely positive attitude to life. Indeed, when I am teaching Royal etiquette I always emphasise the need to minimise negative thinking and bring a positive approach to even the most mundane tasks. As your Royal host it is my intention to offer a very personal and positive insight into Royal life and ensure that Positively Royal becomes an entertaining and uplifting part of your own lifestyle.”

An introduction from HRH Princess Katarina

“As a member of the Royal family I am delighted by this global initiative to celebrate all that is positive about the British Royal family and royalty worldwide. I have always embraced a positive attitude to life and I believe that Positively Royal with its unique blend of magnificent music and inspirational words will inspire many people to enjoy a happier and more fulfilled lifestyle."

The former voice of BBC Radio 4, Brian Perkins, is your host on Positively Royal a blend of the world’s finest classical music with inspirational words of wit and wisdom and the very latest news about the British Royal family from HELLO! magazine.

Positively Royal is proud to support Country Life magazine’s initiative to clean up Britain as a gesture of national support for our wonderful Queen and her family. We reproduce here just some of the front pages Country Life has created in celebration of Queen Elizabeth II- Britain’s longest reigning monarch.

Positively Royal presents the world’s finest classical music blended with inspirational uplifting words and the very latest Royal news in association with HELLO! magazine.




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