The decade when everything was ‘far out’, disappointment was a ‘bummer’, pills were ‘tabs’ and if you agreed with someone you said ‘right on’.

The 70s didn't just have their own language they had their own fashion-bellbottoms and platform shoes-the men sported giant shirt collars and the women had big Farrah hair.

In the home we had shag pile carpet, lava lamps and Tupperware. On the telly we watched Mork and Mindy, The Partridge Family, the Dukes of Hazzard and Charlies Angels.

The 70s was the decade of Watership Down, Starsky and Hutch and Skippy. Abba arrived and so did David Cassidy and the Osmonds. In the UK the Bay City rollers were covered in tartan and in the US John Travolta donned his white disco suit.

We entered the 70s with peace and love and at the end we had disco and the reverberations of the Vietnam War.

The 70’s really were- positively ‘far out’.

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Farah Fawcett’s big hair was copied by women everywhere and her poster adorned the bedroom walls of millions of adolescent males.


Osmond mania gripped the UK and millions of young ladies swooned to David Cassidy.


Robin Williams arrived as Mork and Benny, Bjorn, Anni-Frid and Agnetta arrived as ABBA.


In the UK Radio Caroline sailed into a stormy battle with the government.