Let’s put to one side the grim reality of the Cuban missile crisis, the Kennedy assassination and the death of Marilyn Munro and celebrate a decade, which gave us the Beatles, James Bond and Carnaby Street.

The UK gave the Yanks a British invasion led by the Rolling Stones, The Kinks, The Dave Clark 5 and of course the Beatles. In return they gave the UK the Motown sound and the California surf scene epitomised by the Beach Boys.

The Swinging 60s were defined by sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll but the decade was also a time of great political, social and technological change.

Elvis was discharged from the army, there was racial tension in South Africa and the southern states of the USA. And Mandela was sent to prison. The laser was invented, the Pill arrived and so did the very first video game and Spider-Man.

The first push-button phone appeared, TV launched the instant replay for sports events, Cassius Clay became heavyweight champion of the world and Neil Armstrong walked on the Moon.

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In the UK the Mersey sound took over the music scene and Pirate radio shook up the BBC.



Mary Quant, Twiggy, Jackie Kennedy, Audrey Hepburn and Bridget Bardot were style icons.



Ursula Andress came out of the ocean wearing ‘that’ bikini complete with a knife and Nancy Sinatra made white boots ‘cool’ for walking.



Velvet trouser suits and unisex T-shirts went on sale at Biba.