Now – It’s Personal

It’s official- there are now more personal devices on the planet than people and the mobile device population is multiplying five times faster than we are! The latest research confirms there are 7.2 billion mobile devices in use- 1 billion are tablets.

This is the most explosive growth of any new technology-ever.

In just three decades mobile devices have quite literally taken over the planet which is why the Internet radio revolution is gathering pace. According to Arbitron/Edison  Internet audio listening growth has now overtaken AM/FM terrestrial listening with 67% more people listening to Internet radio per year compared to only 23% more people listening to “ over the air” radio.

The Edison research  gives the following reasons why people prefer listening to live Internet radio:

  1. "there is a greater variety of audio programming to choose from”
  2. “ my device tells me which song is playing”
  3. “ you get a clearer signal”
  4. “ you can listen to radio stations from outside your area”
  5. “ it’s more convenient to listen on my personal device”.

Currently more people listen to Internet radio on desktops or laptops rather than smart phones or tablets which is surprising given that the personal computer market is just 25% of the smartphone market.

However, analysts have an explanation related to the significance of free Wifi connectivity, as distinct from costly mobile data tariffs, which is very good news for the Internet radio industry.

The Edison research concluded that people tend to listen to Internet radio on PC's at home or work where Wi-Fi connectivity means they avoid the expense of 3G or 4G data connections.

“ However, with the explosive growth of free Wi-Fi hotspots this user profile is set to dramatically change. Within 18 months there will be a free Wi-Fi hotspot for every 20 people on the planet. This level of connectivity will trigger a massive upsurge in Internet radio usage.”

XAPP Media report:

The Future of Internet Radio

"It has become popular among some radio industry pundits to suggest Internet radio is a fad. First there was the argument that users were saddled to their computers and could not listen in all the places radio is common. With the advent of mobile listening through smart phones the discussion shifted to the car being a place where most radio content was consumed and Internet radio was absent. Now we know that Internet connected cars are expected to rise from 2.7 million in 2013 to over 50 million in 2017 and from Edison Research that 26% of cell phone users have listened to Internet radio while in their cars

Internet radio audiences are growing and their time spent with the media is increasing rapidly. Internet radio and streaming services are not completely replacing broadcast radio but it is displacing listening time and also creating incremental audio consumption. The large and growing audiences and favourable demographics all point to an industry that is here to stay and will provide value for advertisers for many years to come.”



The personal device population is growing 5x faster than we are!




Within 18 months free Wi-Fi will have spread across the planet
with one Wi-Fi hotspot for every 20 people.




The internet radio revolution is gathering pace




By next year 50 million cars will be Internet enabled.




Large audiences and favourable demographics.

XAPP Media