Business membership of our UK city radio stations is extremely exclusive-each station has just 30 members. We aim to create a dynamic business community positively promoting not just their own interests but those of other members and of course the city in which they live and do business.


We are working with leading brands and companies of every size to create bespoke, own brand Positivity radio stations.


Our ambition is for every city on the planet to have at least one Positivity radio station.


We already have a family of Self Health and Wellness radio stations and as our portfolio grows we will empower everyone to live a happier and more fulfilled life and become- Positively Healthy.


Our ambition is for every country on the planet to have multiple Positivity radio stations.


Positivity is an essential element of community life regardless of geographic location. We are generating a new wave of positive energy to embrace everyone on the planet and bring together individual communities and cultures.


Music and Positivity are universal languages which inspire, motivate and ultimately unite us all. We are now working with individual artists who share our desire to use music as a way of taking positivity into the hearts and minds of millions worldwide.


Positively Caring will provide smaller charities with an effective and totally free way of engaging with their clients, supporters and benefactors.

If you are interested in becoming a member of this exciting global venture do please contact us today.